Introduction for new Safe owners.

Anyone who knows your safe number can add documents to your safe (they cannot retrieve or delete documents unless you also give them access to your email, or your login and password). You should therefore keep this number a secret to prevent any malicious additions.

Now you have a safe place to keep things, it might be a good idea to get into some good habits with regards to backing up your important documents. Of course it is highly unlikely that your house will burn down, or your computer will be stolen, or your harddisk will fail, but now - thanks to your "Safe" - you can easily protect your documents against such events. The first step is to identify which documents are important, and how often they need to be saved. A key element of backing up your data is to remember to do it on a regular basis. To help you in this regard you might like to take advantage of our free Reminder Service.

Size can be important! Your ISP may cap the size of document that you can send or receive via your email account. To avoid disappointment later, it might be worth finding this out today.