Faxing a document to your "Safe"
(Australia only)

If you haven't already done so; you need to become a member and create a "Safe" for your documents.
Then you need to login, and select the link to "Assign a Fax number to your Safe". A dialog box will ask you for the number of the phone line that you will be using to send the faxes - you should include the area code.

N.B. You cannot send a fax to your safe until you recieve a confirmation email.

Having recieved the email advising you that the number has been successfully assigned, you can now go ahead and fax any number of documents to your safe.

Fax your documents to 1832 02 8569 0952

Some Optus customers have expireinced some problems using this number. If you have Caller Id turned on (ie not blocked) you can try using the number 02 8569 0952.

Note that we identify documents for your safe using the caller id, you therefore need to make sure that this is not blocked. Generally this can be done by simply dialing the prefix 1832.

You are faxing your documents to a Sydney number - consult your telephone service provider to find out how this will affect your phone bill. There are no additional KeptSafe charges for using this service.