The KeptSafe Document Store (aka Instant Backup)
How does it work?

First of all you need to become a member and create a "Safe" for your documents. DON'T PANIC it's EASY and it's FREE. Your safe will have its own email address. So whenever you need to add a document to your safe all you do is email that document to your safe. How easy is that?

Each time you add a document we will confirm the addition by emailing you an index of all the documents in the safe.

When you need to retrieve a document you can have it emailed to your computer wherever you are in the world.

What's a Document?

A document can be absolutely anything that you can attach to an email. So that's anything you find lying around on your computer (apart from the cat).

What's the Cost?

Well as we said the safe is free (membership is free too!), but in order to start using it you will need to charge up your account. It costs nothing to send us a document for storage and just 10 cents to retrieve it. There is an ongoing charge of US$5 per month for the first 5 megabytes of documents and then it's just US$1 for each additional megabyte. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that you can squeeze an awful lot of text documents into one megabyte. The minimum initial payment is just US$15, which, depending upon the number of documents you store, could easily last you for 3 months.

How do I start?