We’re building the newest and most innovative answer to the old problem :

·        how to securely store your important documents and reliably recover them, when you need them and wherever you are in the world.

What is KeptSafe?

The key elements of the KeptSafe solution are that:

·        in all key elements of its operation, it is based on e-mail technology.  We investigated the alternatives and decided that in terms of

§         absolute security of your important documents

§         ease of use of the KeptSafe solution and

§         accessibility to your stored documents wherever you are whenever you want

only e-mail does the job.

How does the KeptSafe solution work?

This is a brief description aimed at giving you a feel for what’s coming.  The KeptSafe team will be providing a number of tools to make each of the steps that are described easy, safe, fast and convenient to use.

You’ve decided that you have documents, some electronic and some hardcopy (paper), that you want to store safely.  You want them kept safe! 

You’re thinking was: “I might need these documents anytime.”  “I might be anywhere in the world when I want them”.  “I may not have my computer with me”.  “I must be sure that I can get them without delay”.  “I want to be sure that my document is exactly as I stored it”.   “I don’t want any problems – it will be there when I want it!!”.

So you subscribed to the KeptSafe solution:

·        you created your own personal and protected “Safe” at KeptSafe.com

·        and then you …. well, actually, that’s all you have to do.

And then you stored your important documents in your Safe at KeptSafe.com:

·        you e-mailed your electronic documents to your Safe

·        you faxed your hardcopy documents to your Safe

and that’s it.  That’s all.

So that when you want to retrieve your documents all you have to do is:

·        send an e-mail message to your Safe at KeptSafe.com requesting your required document or documents and

·        (after checking on the security and validity of the request) KeptSafe.com e-mails the requested document or documents back to you.

We think that there are numerous potential applications of the KeptSafe solution, and they certainly go beyond the simple and obvious ones of allowing you to get at your important documents whenever you need them and wherever you are. 

You may have your own issues that the KeptSafe solution will help you with:

Other Services from the team at KeptSafe.com

And the KeptSafe solution goes beyond document storage and retrieval.  If something happened to you, would your loved ones be able to quickly and easily take over managing your affairs? The free KeptSafe Vital Document Register will be a simple step by step questionnaire that records everything from the location of your will to the name of your broker and what valuable items are in that tin you keep hidden under the floorboards.

All these functions are still in-the-pipeline. To register your interest, and be the first to try them out, or to ask us questions about the KeptSafe solution and how you might use it, simply drop us a line, and we'll keep you informed of our progress.