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clean-ups are beneficial to , our

clean-ups are beneficial to , our well-being and help to engage with the immense problem our world faces.

Take your family and friends out for a clean this summer!

To get involved here!


A group that works to elect as the top ofcls in states around the country is planning a $10M venture to pay for private for of BOTH PARTIES (would ever do that), new & try to combat .

to for the Introduction to Deep Learning Workshop from 21-24 August.

Are you familiar with Machine Learning, but intimidated to explore on your own Sign up for our workshop today!

Been playing a lot of over the last couple of weeks... Here is a showing what is being built:

Here is your reminder to submit an abstract for the working group Evaluating register(s) at the Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society ! Deadline: 25 August 2023. Ill be an invited discussant at this one

Wie jedes FOSS-Projekt lebt die FrOSCon von den vielen Freiwilligen, die uns unter die Arme greifen.
Bist du dabei Mehr Infos:

FOSS-events exist by the support of many awesome volunteers. Are you in
More information:



California bar suspends 1,600 attorneys for violating rules set up after Tom Girardi allegedly stole millions

More than 1,600 attorneys have been by the for violating rules about client trust accounts that were set up after disgraced L.A. attorney Thomas Girardi allegedly stole millions of dollars from his clients.

The , which went into effect last year, requires attorneys to their client trust accounts annually with the state bar, complete a yearly - of their practices managing client trust accounts and with the state bar that they and understand the for .

After the reporting component is fulfilled, the state bar will then begin compliance reviews and investigative audits when appropriate.

Originally, more than 1,700 attorneys were found in violation of the rules and enrolled as inactive with the bar, meaning theyre not legally allowed to practice law. As of Thursday afternoon, that number has dropped to 1,641 after some of the attorneys fulfilled their requirements, according to Special Counsel Steven Moawad, who works for the bars attorney .

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Take a look below.

Everyone has been there: You are looking for an excuse to take a break from studying. Some clean the apartment. We have a better one: Meet other hacking enthusiasts at our tomorrow. You have until tonight to sign up and join us tomorrow!

Re If you had issues with attracting international talent or if you are an international talent yourself, come and share your experience! We need your input
&amp looking forward to seeing you!


must allow and Intersex to .

The in Eswatini in 2019 the s .

To use it did you have to register an account anywhere or was it free to use right away

On my deck I had to make a steam account(!) and I really dislike that. I already have thousands of accounts, I don't need another one.

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: especially, a public officer charged with the duty of recording certain transactions or events

- French: registre

- German: das Register

- Italian: registro

- Portuguese: registrar

- Spanish: registro


See previous words

Don't bother migrating to

I got banned after 1 day there.

Likely due to the proverbial "power abusing moderator".

A guy and I were talking about how a lot of the content on is juvenile. I agreed with him and added that the Facebook group for my city was the next worst example I could think of.

Some other guy out of nowhere replied to me to tell me that he thought my comment was the most juvenile comment he ever read on

I replied with a single word: "Adios!".

I thought that was mild.

I skimmed his profile. He seemed to be a major volunteer at

A few minutes later I was banned ( no reason given ) and that exchange was removed by an Admin.

Be careful if you make an account there. Apparently if you are part of the staff you are free to gratuitously insult users there and ban them if they dare say something.

" Spark of forming Relationships and Planning activites" AGI like AI goes brrr xD

Alt. link.:

Here is the article:

Urges To Save Home Of - .

The 1911 of in the , is listed on the of .

CURED illuminates a chapter in the struggle for LGBTQ+ equality: the campaign that led the Amer. Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its manual of mental illnesses. Before this 1973 decision, the medical establishment viewed every gay and lesbian person as diseased . Business & government used the mental-illness classification to justify discrimination and bigotry. which made progress toward equality nearly impossible.

I will be moderating one of the sessions at the TechBlick " " next week. You still have time to for this great event:

Next in our series on data services, we highlight the Food Standard Agency's (FSA) Reference Data Codes Register.

Managing Reference Data to support other services, Open Data and industry users.


is back! Please see website for detailed & to
I'll be working stageside at event for at least 1 day. is available, please for a spot in advance to avoid disappointment.

Thank you to the local of , & for their support of

Please boost if you're on Vancouver Island or or area - thanks!

In June, we release 4.3 with new . What's next Learn more about the roadmap for BlueSpice 4.x on May 11 at our .

at .

How do we organize and in the We will talk about this on May 11 at our .

for at

in a We will show you how this works with . Join us at our and on May 10 & 11.


Discover our new for and work even more efficiently with your . Join us at the BlueSpice 2023 on May 10 & 11.


How can be used effectively in a We will talk about this on May 10 at our .

for at

Seriously, anyone posting links to or similar place that require readers to and to see what you want to promote - please go and bury yourself.

How can anyone chose such a crap platform for content creation that hate and sharing of ideas

If i have a choice between reading your posts and 5000 other peoples posts on platforms that allow me to read things without effort, then guess what - you're not in the winner category.

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Don't forget to now! For the NEPHM conference!!

Hybrid in-person & virtual


communityphm WomenInPHM PHMLGBTQ

4.3 will be released very soon Which new are waiting for you Find out on May 11th at our .

for at

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We've relaeased an update to the FSA's Register of Regulated Products adding 49 new genetically modified food and feed authorisations and supporting updates to the relevant regulations: 

Our organizing crew is still working hard to make sure 2023 is awesome. We have over 30 sessions, 4 villages (with their own talks), & 2 workshops! Be sure to pick up your ticket today.

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